Finally! After months of work, my dissertation is complete and ready to be handed in. The word count was 5,000 words (I hit it exactly, but apparently it’s suspicious if you say that, so I lied by twenty words). The subject was Portrayals of Lucifer in Popular Culture. I got to watch Supernatural and it counted as research. I tried to read Paradise Lost… I’m still losing that battle. That’s a long book. I did read a brilliant novel called I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan – I’d recommend that to anyone. In fact, now I have all this dissertation-free time, I may well post a review later in the week.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post my dissertation online in a month or so. I’ll link to it if I do – not that anyone should want to read it. I mean, surely the critical essays of creative writing dissertations are amongst the least useful things anyone has ever produced? There’s such a slim chance that anyone will ever be inclined to read the creative piece as part of their own research – why would they want the critical analysis of it? It’s written purely for the markers and no one else.

And I hope they appreciate that. The hassle it has caused me while I’ve been trying to print the bleeding thing…

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