Sometimes, the things a character eats or wears can tell you as much about the world in which they live as the character themselves. For example, a character who eats mostly plain, staple foods may be financially poor, but if they live in an isolated village, it could also be that no amount of money could possibly fix that year’s poor harvest.

The worksheet below is designed to give you some ideas about world building using the characters in the world itself. You could use it to design a single character, a family or even an entire race of people. Continue reading

It sucks. It’s true! No one tells you how much it’s going to suck. A lot of writers do complain about all the crap they have to do to promote books and get published. Writer’s block totally destroys the pace of a story. Story lines don’t always work quite like you were expecting them to work. But that’s kinda the sucky stuff you should expect from being a writer, just like anyone going to work in a swimming pool should expect to get splashed.

But here’s the thing no one is ever going to tell you about being a writer:

Gin doesn’t always help.