The Rage: Part 4


There is a gap in the warehouse roof. In the day, it creates a wide beam of light separating one half of the warehouse from the other. We sleep on the side away from the food. If anyone gets in, we might be safer.

I suppose, back Then, this place must have supplied a supermarket. I don’t really remember supermarkets. Mother and father used to take me once a week, but I was never allowed to touch anything. It was where they bought food. I hated them Then, but now they’re rare and precious. Most have been raided.

This is just as good though. The shelves contain all kinds of things that are difficult to find now – soap, bottled water, firelighters. Many of the items we find in the apartment buildings have perished. Some houses have these white boxes called refrigerators. You should never open them; they are full of rot and decay.

I sit beside Topi, passing him a can of warm beans and fork. I suppose now Anna is gone, Topi will be my partner, if he survives until we are safe. I suppose that makes it my responsibility to keep him alive.

“Please eat something, Topi.”

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