Strengths & Weaknesses Worksheet

Last week, I uploaded a worksheet about the way strengths and weaknesses within a group of characters could interact with one another to create balance and conflict. This week’s worksheet digs a little deeper into an individual character’s strengths and weaknesses. This one aims to explore a little of why a character has such strengths or weaknesses and might even help to create a little more backstory for your characters. You might even be able to reveal a deep wound from your character’s past, giving them something personal to fight for (or against) in your story.

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Sometimes, the things a character eats or wears can tell you as much about the world in which they live as the character themselves. For example, a character who eats mostly plain, staple foods may be financially poor, but if they live in an isolated village, it could also be that no amount of money could possibly fix that year’s poor harvest.

The worksheet below is designed to give you some ideas about world building using the characters in the world itself. You could use it to design a single character, a family or even an entire race of people. Continue reading